Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 5/2/2024

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Front Page

  • U.S., U.K. hit Houthi targets in Yemen
  • States hold the key to new reforms, says CEA


  • Ergosphere: making a black hole work


  • Sri Lanka’s JVP-led alliance invited for talks to New Delhi for the first time
  • Sri Lanka President says financial crisis is ‘gradually’ easing
  • After U.S. strikes, Iran warns against threatening ships


  • Bengal children rescued as bonded labourers from T.N. return to work after turning 18
  • India will have a modern justice system, says Shah
  • ‘Consensus with States and energy security are part of reforms’
  • French electronics major Thales to expand strategic collaborations with India

Text & Context

  • On Uttarakhand’s uniform civil code


  • Holding Israel accountable
  • Panchayats earn only 1% of their revenue through taxes


  • Micro-credentials, the next chapter in higher education
  • A sunshine initiative
  • Unending woes

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