How to Read Indian Express Newspaper for UPSC CSE

General instructions 

  • Read the newspaper with a clear understanding of the syllabus for the examination.
  • Politics, sports, masala news etc. can normally be skipped.
  • Identify the issue underlying the articles/ news. Issue is important for the exam rather than detailed news. For example In any report regarding security of aadhar card, the issue underlying is that of  privacy of data and the key points are advantages of direct benefit transfer, privacy as a fundamental right, security threats of data breach etc.  
  • News related to Committees, Commissions, Bills, Acts etc are important. 
  • Making a summary of the editorial is important as it will help to develop your writing skills as well.
  • Factual information are important for Prelims.   
  • Examples of how to deal with articles and what to focus upon are given at the end of this page.  
  • We provide the list of important articles to be read from Indian Express and Hindu everyday with syllabus and sub topic wise break up.

In this section we will see the important pages and articles given on those pages of The Indian Express Newspaper. We will analyze news page by page. 

Front Page

  • Most important news of the previous day are usually given in the front page. It is  continued in the second page too.
  • Front page also contains some state specific news, read the articles which are relevant.  
  • You can ignore political statements, allegations made by political leaders etc.  

The City

  • This Page contains state and region specific news .
  • Sometimes an innovative Policy / Scheme or successful governance model for a particular State  is provided. 
  • You should read these pages for your interview preparation as these pages focus up on the issues and problems of the concerned State. In interview  questions may be asked on these topics.

Govt and Politics 

  • Articles in this page are usually related to politics and government.
  • You may find articles related to certain schemes or policy of the govt. which you should read.  

Express Network 

  • This page usually contains news articles from all around India. 
  • Read those articles which are relevant for the exam.


  • This page gives you detailed analysis about an issue which is current and relevant. 
  • This page is reader friendly as the articles are written in a very simple language.
  • This page is very relevant for the exam.

Editorial and Ideas Page 

  • Generally Editorial page depicts the most important topic in news. The articles of these two pages are written by senior journalists and editors, subject experts, economists, senior Lawyers etc.  
  • In main examination questions asked are mainly opinion based. To answer such questions the in-depth analysis provided in the editorial section will be helpful. 
  • These pages provide important points regarding a particular issue. It also provides the pros and cons, innovative solutions  and futuristic suggestions about a particular issue. These points will be helpful in writing quality answers in Mains as it will make your answer multi dimensional.
  • These pages will also contribute towards your preparation for Essay paper and Interview. 
  • These pages are also important for Preliminary exam as it also consists of facts. 
  • It also helps in increasing your reading speed which will help in comprehension section of CSAT paper. 
  • Do make notes regularly from OPED and Editorial.


  • This page will gives you information regarding the important events happening around the world.
  • You should read all articles which are relevant for your exam.
  • The selection of articles to be read should be based on the syllabus of General Studies II paper, especially the sub – topics related to international relations. 
  • Other events happenings around the world should only be read if the contents of such an article affects the relationship of that particular country with India or it affects the Indian diaspora living in that country or in any manner directly or indirectly affecting India. 


  • The articles of this page helps in preparing for Economy section of the Prelims as well sub-topics related to economics in General Studies III paper of Mains. 
  • When we see past year question papers we get to know that the questions from Economics sub-topic of Mains generally come from the newspaper articles.

Sports Page

  • Just have a glance on the important sports events happening in India and around the world.
  • Reading articles are not recommended as questions in prelims are minimal from this section. 
  • If any new technology has been implemented in any of the major sports, such news should be referred to and technology should be studied in depth. 

Example -1

Article – “Their Lordship object”

Why we should read it

  • The article comes under Indian polity and governance in Prelims and under Judiciary sub-topic in General studies 2 in Mains. 

What to focus upon

  • Procedure for Appointment and removal of Judges including CJI 
  • What is National Judicial Appointment Commission and why was it unconstitutional
  • What is Collegium system and the judicial rulings leading to the same 
  • Comparison of Constitutional provisions in appointment of judges in India and other countries
  • Importance of Independence of judiciary 
  • Judicial activism and Judicial overreach 
  • Number of judges in Supreme Court including the CJI

Example -2 

Article – “No formal notice from Pakistan on suspension of co-operation, says US”

Why is this article important

  • We have to read this article because it comes under General Studies 2 under the sub topic Effect of Policies and Politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests

What to focus upon

  • India – Pakistan relations including the wars fought between the two countries
  • Stopping US aid to Pakistan and its advantages and disadvantages on India
  • Impact of such a step on Pakistan – China relationship and its effects on India
  • India – US relationship 
  • Cross border terrorism 

Example -3 

Article – “India shouldn’t copy China in Urbanisation, says Niti Aayog “

Why is this article important

  • We have to read this article because it comes under General Studies 1 under the sub topic urbanization, their problems and their remedies.

What to focus upon

  • What is the current status of Urbanization in India
  • What is the Chinese model of urbanization
  • What is the problems created by  chinese model
  • Smart city projects of India
  • Government schemes dealing with urban areas   
  • Niti Aayog, its structure and functions   

Example -4 

Article – ” Cong pokes fun at Modi hugs, BJP seeks Rahul apology ” 

Article – ” 50 percent of Muslims converted from Hinduism, will return : BJP MLA from UP ” 

What to focus upon

  • Above articles are political in nature and can be skipped
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