Important Articles from Indian Express: 28/5/2020

Front Page

  • First time Trump wades into Indo-China Beijing says border situation controllable (GS-2)
  • Rs 3-16 lakh: in Covid bills, drug cost, PPE are main unknowns (GS-2)
  • SC to Govt Why can’t pvt hospitals provide free covid treatment (GS-2)

Express Network

  • OFB & defence PSUs have made 15 lakh masks, 1.2 ltr of hand sanitizer (GS-2)
  • House panel to study lockdown move next week (GS-2)
  • Oxford university continues HCQ trial (GS-2)


  • The monetisation question (GS-3)
  • A nation of migrants (GS-1)
  • The missing data (GS-2)

Ideas Page

  • The fortune of others (GS-1)
  • A sobering comparison(GS-2)


  • What making Aarogya setu open source means
  • Why do some covid patients lose their sense of smell?
  • What covid 19 does to central nervous system


  • As thousands protest, US says Hong Kong no longer has autonomy
  • France, Italy Belgium decide to stop usage of HCQ for Covid 19


  • Significant uncertainty about growth… after spanish flu, recovery was V shaped (GS-3)
  • Brazil puts onus on India to balance World Sugar market (GS-3)
  • Economic situation worsened after easing lockdown rules (GS-3)

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