Important Articles from Indian Express : 20/7/2023

Front Page

  • Govt, Opp brace for stormy monsoon session : Manipur, 31 bills on the table
  • India made C-295 to start rolling out 2026 from Vadodara says Airbus

Govt & Politics

  • Poll panel starts public hearing on delimitation draft for Assam

Express Network

  • On table with Big Tech, India will have huge leverage
  • 15 protesting a death at Uttarakhand project site die of electrocution


  • War and wheat
  • A cyberspace more secure

Ideas Page

  • Parliament is a gated community
  • India and Sri Lanka five things to do
  • Rain checks for our times


  • Rajasthan minimum income bill : Provisions what makes it unique


  • India supports UN efforts on Black sea grain exports, hopes for early resolution


  • G20 expert group on MDBs suggests greater engagement with private sector
  • Domestic consumption cushions India against global slowdown

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