Important Articles from Indian Express: 12/11/2019

Front Page

  • Factory output contracts again, falls to lowest in 6 years
  • Which trust will build the temple ? In Ayodhya a war of words breaks out

Govt & Politics

  • Experts divided over Governor’s move to deny Sena more time

Express Network

  • Govt starts preliminary work on constituting Ayodhya temple trust
  • Centre on Art 370 : No house rules violated


  • Chiselling secularism
  • The seshan effect
  • Slipping down
  • Treat the disease

Ideas Page

  • A vision for equality
  • Legacy for a civilisation
  • Going beyond Kartarpur


  • The battle over H-1B, H-4 Visas
  • Indian Police Feeble capacity, high vacancies and low diversity


  • Cross border IBC provision likely to be tabled in winter session
  • With 0.28% gain, PVs break 11 month slide in Oct; Overall sales drop 12.76%
  • Final decision on GDP base year revision to be taken within 2-3 months

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