Important Articles from Indian Express : 5/10/2023

Front Page

  • Flash flood in Sikkim : Five dead, 22 soldiers among 42 still missing
  • We will look at immunity of MPs and MLAs if acts involve element of criminality : SC

Govt & Politics

  • NCP’s Lakshadweep MP Faizal disqualified as Lok sabha member

Express Network

  • Defence minister releases fifth positive inidenisation list a t 2 day navy seminar
  • Dominican republic V-P, Dhankhar hold talks on enhancing cooperation
  • From outside CIS countries, Indians rank 3rd in number of business travellers to Russia


  • The morning knock
  • Undoing reform

Ideas Page

  • Caged parrots & universities
  • Drawing lines in Cauvery waters
  • Women’s bill through our travels


  • Disaster in Sikkim : How do GLOF happen
  • Why the peace nobels is awarded in Norway and others in Sweden
  • How size of the particles change their behavior and why that is important


  • In message to India, President elect of Maldives says foreign troops must go
  • US house speaker Mc Carthy ousted after historic vote
  • Italy looks to foreigners for a quick fix to sickly health service


  • Centre hikes LPG subsidy for Ujjwala beneficiaries by 50%

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