Important Articles from Indian Express : 27/10/2023

Front Page

  • Biden links Economic corridor to Hamas attack
  • Qatar hands death penalty to 8 former Navy men; deeply shocking, says Govt

Govt & Politics

  • Himanta, Priyanka get poll panel notices for model code violation

Express Network

  • Land warfare will remain important : Army chief on lessons from Ukraine


  • The Biden pragmatism
  • Sliding down
  • Warming up breaking the ice

Ideas Page

  • SC does not have the authority
  • Court lets itself, and us down


  • Apaar Id


  • War worries, high US bond yields keep markets jittery
  • Tax base widens, trend migration of individual towards higher income : CBD
  • Big tech asks for 12-18 months to comply with data protection Act


  • Israel launches brief ground raid in Gaza overnight

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