Important Articles from Indian Express: 21/5/2020

Front Page

  • India builds roads North of Ladakh lake, China warns of necessary counter measures
  • Road row triggers new Nepal map, India his back
  • Cyclone Amphan batters coastal Bengal


  • To Create Jobs We’ ve raised MGNREGA allocation, will spend Rs 1 lakh crore this year
  • Indigenous RNA extraction kit set to go into mass production
  • In 2 schemes worth Rs 30,000 cr 40% funding to come from states


  • Can’t avoid ubiqiotous testing
  • Law as weapon
  • A fuller support

Ideas Page

  • Relief and reform
  • The safety net she needs


  • Two antibodies from SARS survivors and how they react to new coronavirus


  • Nations struggle to define a new normal
  • Sworn in for second term, Taiwan President rejects Beijing rule; China says reunification inevitable
  • Palestinian authority free of Oslo peace pact commitment: Abbas


  • As lockdown ends bank seek another 3 month moratorium from RBI
  • Rs 3 lakh cr emergency credit line for MSMEs gets cabinet approval

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