Important Articles from Indian Express: 14/12/2019

Front Page

  • CAB’s diplomatic echo: Washington and Dhaka flag worry, Japan PM visit called off
  • In a first, regulator hikes price of essential drugs

Citizenship Law

  • MHA : States have no power to reject law
  • India a safe haven for minorities: Maldives Speaker

Govt & Politics

  • Ganga Council meet today, River cities, dolphins on the agenda
  • India- Maldives to boost anti-terror cooperation maritime security ties

Express Network

  • Army to set up more than dozen integrated battle groups by 2020
  • Andhra to make list of sexual offenders public


  • A New Britain
  • Improving the code
  • Brush with the past

Ideas Page

  • Strengthening Indian values


  • Citizenship amendment law decoded


  • Boris after win Brexit will happen
  • No significant progress made on key issues, talks to continue next year


  • Former CEA : Its is India ‘s great slowdown, economy seems headed for the ICU
  • Looking at the economy, interveing where it is needed
  • November export shrink
  • Moodys cut forecast
  • India in RCEP will signal its commitment

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