Important Articles from Indian Express : 12/7/2021

Front Page

  • A case of mistaken identity says Shah; grief anger sweep Nagaland
  • India Russia sign AK 203 rifle deal military logistics pact is put off

In Parliament

  • 90% teaching staff in 25 states 6 UTs given atleast 1 dose of covid
  • Govt moves to amend NDPS act, Opp calls it bad law

Govt & Politics

  • At 2+2 summit, India Russia sign 4 deals
  • SC upholds RBIs rules onexport ban of PPEs


  • When numbers hide
  • Farming out
  • My history vs yours

Ideas Page

  • The architecture of justice


  • What now for naga talks


  • Suu Kyi convicted in further blow to Myanmar democracy

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