Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 31/1/2022

Front Page 5 militants killed in 2 Kashmir encounters (GS-3) May skip though comes under the syllabus internal security Pegasus issue to roil Budget session (GS-2) Mains / Prelims : Privilege Motion Text & Context The DLI scheme and the chip making industry in India  (GS-3) Prelims : Design linked incentive scheme Mains : Semiconductor … Read more

Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 30/1/2022

Note : Current Affairs will be updated today Front Page Opposition slams govt. as report says India bought NSO spyware (GS-2) Mains : Right to Privacy and Snooping India-Israel ties important amid global change: PM (GS-2) Mains : India – Israel relationship BSF, Pak. Rangers resume dialogue (GS-3) Profiles The peoples without a state (GS-1/2) … Read more

Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 29/1/2022

Front Page SC quashes a year’s suspension of 12 Maharashtra BJP MLAs (GS-2) Mains – Details of the verdict, Constitutional provisions regarding suspension Willing to talk to Pakistan on pilgrim flights: India (GS-2) Mains – 1974 protocol on religious travel States must decide on SC/ST quota in promotions: court (GS-2) Mains – SC/ST Quota in … Read more

Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 28/1/2022

Front Page Central Asia meet forms Afghan group (GS-2) Early signs of a flat caseload, says govt. (GS-2) Opposed to third party in LAC talks, China tells U.S. (GS-2/3) Text & Context Understanding the Budget formulation (GS-3) Business India seen boosting budget spending on infrastructure (GS-3) Swiss gold exports to China and India hit multi-year … Read more

Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 27/1/2022

Front Page Fewer hospitalisations in third wave, data from States show (GS-2) Updates on covid Omicron-hit may escape reinfection with Delta (GS-2) Prelims : bioRxiv preprint server Curbs to restrict time slots for MP speeches (GS-2) Text & Context Invention and reinvention of ethnicity (GS-1) The ‘racial profiling’ of the Chakmas and Hajongs (GS-1) Mains … Read more

Important Articles from the Hindu Newspaper :26/1/2022

Front Page Centre to remind States again of IAS cadre rules (GS-2) Issue already covered under current affairs India has shown unmatched resolve in facing COVID-19 threat: President (GS-2) Gen. Rawat, Kalyan get Padma Vibhushan (Prelims) Prelims : Civilian Awards SC seeks EC, govt. response on ‘irrational’ freebies (GS-2) Text & Context Equality for what? (GS-2) … Read more

Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 25/1/2022

Front Page Pakistan sends India a plea by Hindu body for air pilgrimage (GS-2) Text & Context Rights, duties and the Constitution (GS-2) The challenge of antimicrobial resistance (GS-3) GRAM report, Issue of Antimicrobial resistance, reasons and impact Business ‘COVID 3.0 drags activity lower by 20% in less than a month’ (GS-2) ‘India can make … Read more

Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 24/1/2022

Front Page Omicron in community transmission: INSACOG (GS-2) Updates on covid Prelims – INSACOG, Community Transmission German Navy chief quits over remarks at Delhi event (GS-2) Elephant corridors to be restored in south Bengal (Prelims) Prelims – Elephant Corridors in India Text & Context A proposal for Indian Environmental Service (GS-3) Mains – Recommendations of … Read more

Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 23/1/2022

Front Page German Navy chief strikes a tough note on China (GS-2) Business India’s reliance on Chinese goods surged in 2021 (GS-3) Prelims – India’s Largest importer and exporter countries Mains : Main Imports from China, How to reduce such imports ‘Public Wi-Fi can create 2-3 crore jobs’ FAQ Why is 5G rollout a problem … Read more

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