Man-Wild Animal Conflict in India: Reasons, Issues, and Solutions

Don't Kill Our Wild Life. WPA poster.

Context : The Kerala Cabinet declared human-wildlife conflict a State-specific disaster. The decision comes in the wake of increasing deaths, injuries, and crop and property loss caused by recurrent wildlife incursions into human habitations abutting forests in the State. Background Reasons for Man-Wild Animal Conflict There are several reasons contributing to the escalating man-wild animal … Read more

Leopard Survey

Context : India’s leopard numbers rose by 8% from 12,852 in 2018 to 13,874 in 2022, according to a report made public by the Environment Ministry. Leopard in India About the Survey Key Findings of the Survey Threats Conservation difficulties Important National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries where Leopard can be spotted


Context: Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalayas are home to more than one-third of all types of rhododendrons found in India, reveals the latest publication of the Botanical Survey of India (BSI). The publication titled ‘Rhododendrons of Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalaya- An Illustrated Account’ lists 45 taxa of rhododendrons (36 species, 1 subspecies, 1 variety, and 7 natural … Read more

Translocation Of Cheetah’s

Context: India has signed an agreement with South Africa to translocate 12 cheetahs to the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh About the Pact About Cheetah How did cheetahs go extinct in India? Why is the cheetah being brought back? Reasons for Translocation from Africa Have there been earlier attempts to bring back the cheetah? … Read more

Green India Mission

Green India Mission Context:  India is lagging behind in the targets to increase the number and quality of tree- and forest-cover plantations set in the Green India Mission, according to data accessed via the Right To Information Act. What is National Green India Mission? Objectives About the Report About the India state of forest report-2021

Biodegradable Plastic

Context: Eight months after the Centre banned single-use plastic and paved the way for the use of biodegradable plastic, a lack of coordination among multiple ministries of government has led to the question remaining unanswered. A consequence of this is that several manufacturers, who are now unable to manufacture single-use plastic goods and invested in making biodegradable … Read more

Monument of National Importance / Ram Setu

Context: The Supreme Court recorded that the government is in the process of considering the question of declaring Ram Setu a ‘national monument’. What is Monument of National Importance About National Monument Authority? Functions and powers of National Monument Authority About Ram Setu  Sethusamudram project Need for protection  About the News 

Forest Advisory Committee

Context: The Forest Advisory Committee has asked the Arunachal Pradesh government to file a fresh proposal for forest diversion and the construction of the Etalin hydroelectric project (EHEP) due to non-compliance to conditions stipulated by the FAC and the overwhelming pushback against the project in the region. What is Forest Advisory Committee? Current issue Why … Read more


About Mangroves Adaptation and Distribution Types A mangrove forest is categorized into five types of forest-based upon its surrounding geography.  Importance of Mangroves

Wildlife Amendment Act 2022

Context: The Lok Sabha passed the Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Bill, with no significant modifications to the version of the Bill presented in the House for discussion.  Background of Wildlife Protection Act The wild Birds Protection act was passed by the British India Government in 1887 A second law was enacted in 1912 called the wild … Read more

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