Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : 29/3/2024

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Front Page

  • Core sector output growth spurts to 6.7% in February


  • Eradication of TB remains a distant goal as systemic challenges persist


  • Philippines leader warns of countermeasures as China steps up aggression in sea
  • China sends glacier water from Tibet to climate-hit Maldives
  • ICJ says Israel must ‘ensure urgent humanitarian assistance’ in Gaza


  • Pre-poll splurge lifts fiscal deficit
  • ‘Only 4% firms in India ready to tackle cybersecurity risks’


  • India should lead the way on peace process: Ukraine FM
  • Households across the world waste 1 billion meals a day, says UN report
  • Advisory boards have to consider if detention is necessary under law: SC
  • Govt. extends AFSPA in parts of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh

Text & Context

  • Measuring internet freedom in India in the last 10 years
  • Tech giants facing EU scrutiny


  • Did the electoral bonds scheme enable extortion?


  • The countdown to a pandemic treaty
  • Understanding India’s coal imports
  • Jobs outlook bleak
  • Easily provoked

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