Important Articles from Indian Express: 9/5/2020

Front Page

  • Lack of health workers a concern in cities , govt says must live with virus (GS-2 Health)


  • TN tops Maharashtra in test conducted (GS-2 Health)
  • Of those flying in 33% students (GS-2 Indian Diaspora)
  • Experts work to neutralise gas, toll now 11 (GS-3 Environment)
  • Kerala to regulate entry of those from Red zones (GS-2)


  • The economic malaise (GS- 3 Indian Economy)
  • Cautionary tale (GS-3 Environment)
  • A decent exchange (GS-3 Economics)

Ideas Page

  • Story of the nowhere people (GS-1 Migration)
  • Let down by law (GS-1/2)
  • A seat at the table(GS-2)


  • A new concern ; early locusts (GS-3 Environment)
  • Saliva from home : how US approved test works (GS -3 Science and Tech)
  • Lockdown air : less N2O same PM2.5 and more urban ozone (GS-3 Environment)
  • What SARS taught East Asia, and What India can learn from Covid (GS-2 Health)


  • Fiscal Strain : FY 21 govt borrowing pegged at Rs 12L cr up 53% from BE (GS-3 Indian Economy)
  • Moody’s cuts FY21 growth forecast to 0% (GS-3 Indian Economy)
  • AIIB clears $500mn loan ot support India’s fight against COVID 19 (Prelims : AIIB)

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