Important Articles from Indian Express : 8/9/2023

Front Page

  • On G20 eve, praise & Caution : India’s done right thing (on Ukraine)… my optimism based on society being harmonious
  • China on mind, PM says laws apply to all in Indo-Pacific, flags territorial integrity
  • SC hands over its green watchdog committee to environment ministry

G20 in New Delhi

  • Climate change sticking point, Saudi differs on fossil fuel reference
  • 2 agri initiatives piloted by India set to figure in summit outcome

Express Network

  • Indore tops clean air survey among cities with mn – plus people
  • 2 sides to join forces on blue economy, maritime security
  • Amid crises, Delhi ASEAN to focus on food security, growth
  • Jun-Aug warmest period : Study
  • Aditya L1 takes selfie snaps earth moon


  • G 20 five things to note
  • Lord of dance : History , symbolism of shiva’s natraja form
  • Without sperm or egg, how scientists grew whole model of human embryo


  • G2-A2 anxiety
  • Modi and Biden

Ideas Page

  • How to curb irresponsibility
  • Being both India and Bharat
  • Critical for a green future


  • Moving to improve ties, Australia & China initiate high level talks after 3 yrs
  • Pak Army battles local Taliban in border area key crossing closed
  • Japan’s moon mission takes off, expected to land next February
  • Biden rejects conditions of plea deal for Sept 11 attacks defendants


  • Govt looks to crack down on dark patterns releases draft guidelines
  • India – ASEAN FTA review meet in Nov
  • Rupee hits an all time low against US dollar
  • Ready to play our part in MDB reforms
  • Thali costlier in Aug on high tomato prices

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