Important Articles from Indian Express : 8/8/2023

Front Page

  • Centre gets control of Delhi via L-G as parliament stamps its approval to bill
  • SC intervenes in Manipur, names probe monitor, panel of ex-judges

Govt & Politics

  • Kuno Cheetah deaths not low but no reason to disbelieve govt efforts : SC
  • Jaishankar : Border infra improved, better placed to counter China

In Parliament

  • NCT bill unconstitutional, anti democratic says Opp
  • LS passes personal data protection bill
  • Registration of births and deaths amendment bill passed in RS

Govt & Politics

  • Patna hosts first physical museum biennale ‘ to shape cultures and foster discussions

Express Network

  • Testing times as Manipur goes bac to school
  • Substandard unsafe : WHO now flags alert for Indian made syrup sold in Iraq


  • The great unravelling
  • Trust of the house
  • Politics as hope

Ideas Page

  • Normalcy without compassion
  • Abrogaion as correction
  • Copy paste conservation


  • Pak puts on hold multi billion dollar Tehran project under US pressure


  • Havana syndrome
  • The hardening trade stance
  • What data protection bill say on privacy, Centre’s powers right to info


  • Monitoring wholesale, retail prices of food items : FM

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