Important Articles from Indian Express : 8/12/2021

Front Page

  • On eve of democracy summit India talks about jail on Suu Kyi
  • India very unequal : top 10% hold 57% of national income : Inequality report

In Parliament

  • Rural tourism roadmap formulated

Express Network

  • Nagaland to write to Govt on AFSPA repeal
  • DRDO successfully tests missiles to be deployed on naval warship


  • Back to classrooms
  • Friends in need
  • Trial and error

Ideas Page

  • Democratic road to despotism
  • Track the fire


  • Protesting rights atrocities US officials to boycott Beijing Olympics
  • Biden, Putin square off as tension grows on Ukraine border
  • UAE becomes first country to transition to 4.5 day work week
  • Srilankas plunge into organic farming brings disaster


  • AFSPA and the Northeast
  • Fall in unemployment rate doesn’t mean more jobs : The case of UP


  • Rs 2K denomination now 15.1% of total value of notes in circulation

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