Important Articles from Indian Express: 7/4/2020

Front Page

  • States in no hurry to ease lockdown
  • 30% cut in salaries of MPs, PM : 2yr pause in MPLADS
  • 76% of infected are male, 63% of dead over 60 years old : Govt


  • More freshwater, fewer pollutants behind Yamuna’s new blue hues
  • Most cases in states high on health index ; spread limited
  • US gives 2.9mn aid to India
  • Rlys to prepare more isolation coaches
  • Death toll rises to 6; TN to begin rapid tests from friday


  • Which factories should open?
  • What is the best material for a homemade face cover
  • Zoo tiger positive : Are cats at particular risk
  • Will summer heat kill virus? Some trends, but experts still advise caution


  • Social media distancing
  • A drug in need

Ideas Page

  • Let’s respect the balance
  • Between nationalism and globalism


  • Peak death week : US braces for fight


  • SEZs units in Gujarat supply 54mn tablets of hydroxychloroquine, PPEs

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