Important Articles from Indian Express : 6/5/2023

Front Page

  • Jaishankar slams Pak, calls Bilawal promoter of terrorism industry
  • Fires abate in Imphal, not fear : Mob had people we knew from our locality

Govt & Politics

  • Rising protest amid rift, late police action : What went wrong in Manipur
  • Jaishankar & Bilawal faced off over terror, territorial integrity
  • Covid 19 not a global health emergency anymore : WHO
  • India plans more meetings under G20 presidency

Editorial Page

  • Fault lines in Imphal
  • Manipur needs peace
  • Bitter sweet
  • Cure, Don’t criminalise

Ideas Page

  • Partnership of equals
  • Chronicle of a tragedy foretold
  • Under the cloak of law


  • Covid is no longer an emergency : What changes ?
  • Manipur’s ethinic faultlines


  • Govt widens Aadhaar ambit : 22 pvt firms can use it to verify customers

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