Important Articles from Indian Express : 5/7/2022

Front Page

  • Shinde clears floor test : Will not pursue politics of vendetta
  • Govt still to clear 26 as Judges, Bombay HC down to nearly half its strength
  • No service charge by default
  • Scientists probing spike in cases look at Omicron sub-variant

Govt & Politics

  • PM hails Digital India : Transparency ending network of middlemen
  • Cooperatives model a middle path, can make India self reliant : Shah
  • PM : New India must reflect dreams of freedom fighters


  • Monsoon’s turn

Ideas Page

  • A Chill down Asia’s spine
  • The stakes in Kabul


  • Large Hadron collider run 3 from today, What it will look for now
  • Folk hero Alluri sitharama Raju


  • Committed to 6.4% fiscal deficit target : Oil in focus

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