Important Articles from Indian Express : 5/5/2023

Front Page

  • Shoot at sight order as violence rages in Manipur CM says precious lives lost
  • Jaishankar talks LAC standoff with China’s Qin, multilateral ties with Russia’s Lavrov
  • Shah on line with Biren other CMs as more security forces rushed in
  • Chartered accountants now under ambit of money laundering law

Govt & Politics

  • First in over six years Pak foreign minister in Goa for SCO meeting
  • Why Kuki-Paitei tribes are opposed to CM Biren Singh
  • Insulin deficiency key trigger for type 2 diabetes in Indians


  • My same sex marriage
  • Take action
  • Bridging the gulf

Ideas Page

  • Divorce outside the courts


  • US was behind drone attack says Russia; no says white house


  • India and Russia suspend talks to trade in rupees


  • Behind Manpur flare up, tribal anger HC order
  • The SCO opportunity for India

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