Important Articles from Indian Express: 5/5/2020

Front Page

  • Coronavirus epicenter Maharashtra freezes all development spend for a year, no new hiring (GS-3 Indian Economy / Employment)
  • Highest death rate, low testing number mismatch : Central team red flags Bengal (GS-2 Centre State Relations)
  • From capital to labour to credit, small firms on the brink have emergency wishlist for govt (GS-3)


  • In Rajasthan, pvt buses ferrying migrant workers charge 3 times fare fixed by Govt (GS-2)
  • New Single day corona high: 2573 cases and 83 deaths (GS-2 Health)
  • Lockdown 3.0 begins migrants protest in Gujarat and Kerala Take us home (GS-1 Migration and associate issues)
  • PM at NAM summit : Terrorism fake news deadly viruses (GS-2 NAM)


  • Lets lighten the burden (GS-2 Education)
  • Ticket to ride (GS-2)
  • Grim reminder (GS-3 Internal Security)

Ideas Page

  • The real common man (GS-2)
  • Diplomacy in a virtual world (GS-2 – IR)
  • Its not economy vs clean air (GS-3 Environment)


  • Why liqor matters to states (GS-3)
  • Does nicotine helpf fight Covid 19 ? The science behind a novel hypothesis (Prelims)


  • Europes longest lockdown eases as families unite work resumes in Italy


  • Sensex crashes 2002 points on trade extension, lockdown extension (GS-3 Indian Economy)
  • GDP contract up to 20% in June quarter : ICRA (GS-3 Indian Economy)
  • Lockdown effect : Manufacturing PMI shrinks at fastest pace ever (GS-3 / Prelims – PMI)

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