Important Articles from Indian Express: 4/9/2019

Front Page

  • Just 1 in 5 Mudra beneficiaries started new business half of extra jobs were self employment (GS-2)

Govt & Politics

  • IAF gets new firepower, inducts eight Apache attack helicopters
  • India- Japan review situation in Indo-Pacific (GS-2)

Express Network

  • In J&K, question over whether Urdu will remain official language
  • Jaishankar : How to cut communication for terrorists, keep it open for others? (GS-2)
  • Wildlife board nod to Gulmarg defence project (Prelims – NWB)
  • Chandrayaan 2 lander lowers orbit ahead of September 7 landing (GS-3)


  • In Ethanol Govt’s sugar solution (GS-3)
  • How to deflect an asteroid : Plan in progress (GS-3)
  • Air pollution in Indian homes key heart risk factor (GS-3)
  • Apache attack helicopters


  • Not without humanity (GS-2)
  • A Fickle Friend (GS-3)
  • The healing touch (GS-2)
  • For Children’s sake (GS-2)

Ideas Page

  • The World’s most happenning place
  • On a shaky foundation (GS-2)


  • On the front lines of climate change in the world’s northernmost town (GS-1)


  • Macro worries push sensex down 769 points; rupee loses 97p/usd (GS-3)
  • Govt hikes procurement price of ethanol from December (GS-3 )
  • RBI panel : Allow FPI to buy bad loans directly (GS-3)


  • Plant power (GS-3)

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