Important Articles from Indian Express : 4/8/2023

Front Page

  • LS clears bill that clips Delhi Govt wings, Shah says Opp worry is alliance politics
  • Laptop imports will require licence; Govt keen to boost local industry
  • Is Art 370 in a category beyond Parliament’s power to amend asks SC

Govt & Politics

  • Delhi to be at Ukrain talks table in Jeddah this weekend
  • PM Modi to take part in BRICS Johannesburg meet
  • Govtt launches study in India portal to attract foreign students

In Parliament

  • Opp walks out over Manipur, RS passes 3 bills

Express Network

  • Tempers flare over proposed burial of 35 violence victims


  • I happened in Gurgaon
  • The downgrade


  • How Jan Vishwas bill proposes to deal with substandard drugs
  • Nuclear weapons and India
  • The story of voyager : Humanity’s farthest foray into space


  • Russia has mined frontlines, slowing our counteroffnsive, says Ukraine
  • China proposes to limit children’s smartphone use to two hours a day


  • Govt tables data protection bill, exemptions for centre unchanged
  • A new worry : Could data protection bill weaken RTI Act?
  • The long ardous road to digital data protection law : Here’s what happened
  • Service PMI at 13 year high ; sales strong in India and abroad
  • India economy’s domestic dynamics continue to be strong : Fin Min report

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