Important Articles from Indian Express : 4/6/2022

Front Page

  • Targeted Killings : J&K moves staff from minority communities to safer locations
  • A national Math problem : How to teach class 5 Kids after 2 years lost

Express Network

  • Europe has to grow out of mindset that its problem are wrld’s problems : EAM
  • US Religious freedom report : India retorts says vote bank politics in global relations


  • The new civilsationism
  • Lessons from a price shock

Ideas Page

  • The farm in the city


  • Israel raises Iran concerns with UN nuclear watchdog


  • Engaging with the Taliban
  • A not for profit company with defined objectives
  • How the World’s largest plant grew and survived 4500 years
  • How D2M can Bring videos to your phone, no internet link required


  • Hope in rains, easing global food prices give RBI room
  • Demand offsets price rise, services PMI at 11 year high

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