Important Articles from Indian Express : 4/5/2024

Front Page

  • Loss to nation due to oral cancer deaths : Study pegs it at 72 lakh for a man, 57 lakh for woman

Express Network

  • Gov targets TMC : Sinister plot prepared for your hidden bullets


  • Weather proofing polls
  • Rarest of rare risk
  • Long dry spell


  • Hamas chief in talks with Egypt, Qatar as Israeli ministers meet on hostages, Rafah plan
  • S Korea to slap fines on food suppliers for shrinkflation
  • A moment scientists are dreading : 3 NASA satellites to die soon


  • What is ETA Aquariid meteor shower set to light up the night sky this weekend


  • India – Nigeria trade officials meet as China’s Africa investments falter
  • Centre may earn 75000 – 85000 cr dividend from RBI in FY 25 : Report

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