Important Articles from Indian Express : 30/8/2023

Front Page

  • SC asks Govt : Is there a time frame for J&K statehood, when will you hold polls
  • India protest China’s latest map, Jaishankar says absurd claims are Beijing’s old habit
  • As election near LPG price is slashed by Rs 200 a cylinder
  • To fill a critical gap IAF looks to buy six mid air refuellers

Govt & Politics

  • G20 summit : NSG being brought in to deal with contigencies


  • Climate finance, hard fact
  • For Punjab’s sake
  • Basic structure, so far

Ideas Page

  • When food is vaccine
  • With strings attached

Express Network

  • Chandrayaan – 3 rover detects sulphur, other elements : ISRO


  • Outlay on roads and renewables may climb to 13 lakh crore in FY 24, FY 25


  • Staring at driest ever August
  • Before SC in Artile 370 case : Constitutionality of CO 272, 273
  • Self respect marriage
  • Why Chandrayaan – 3 lander had 4 engines , one fewer than 2019 mission


  • After Beijing talks US reject Chinese appeal to ease tech export controls

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