Important Articles from Indian Express: 30/3/2020

Front Page

  • Govt doubles down on lockdown
  • Cases cross 1000 govt sets up 11 groups to fight spread
  • In Kerala only 4 cases out of 202 needed to be put under critical care
  • Informal sector workers not registered, officials flag problem in paying wages

Govt & Politics

  • Pharma giant readies five minute test, may bring it to India too


  • Crop ready states look for farm hands


  • A shrunken welfare state
  • Careless talk
  • Essential protection

Ideas Page

  • How to meet rural challenge
  • Things to do food for thought


  • Recovered patients plasma. What is this experimental therapy?
  • Where does virus go from here?

Governance Page

  • How Karnataka govt uses technology data and surveillance to contain covid 19
  • Containing covid 19 where population density is 50 times Wuhan’s


  • 2000 deaths in US global toll 32000


  • Contribution towards PM CARES fund to qualify as CSR spending
  • Moratorium on credit card dues may lead to windfall for banks if users delay monthly repayment

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