Important Articles from Indian Express: 30/12/2019

Front Page

  • No outreach on CAA foreign diplomats warn : India fast loosing friends
  • Wikipedia writes to IT minister: New govt gudelines will severely disrupt our model

Govt & Politics

  • Govt to ensure 100 days a year leave for paramilitary men

Express Network

  • CDS : Govt notifies retirement age at 65


  • How the Preamble was adopted
  • Afghan citizenship, defined & redefined over decades of change


  • An Un-Gandhian Act
  • Problem with figures
  • Not a drop to waste

Ideas Page

  • Right question, wrong answer


  • Taliban council agrees to ceasefire, giving window for Afghan peace deal
  • Saudi planning OIC foreign ministers meeting on Kashmir


  • Lack oof clarity on illegal mining, delay in clearance major impediments to sector

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