Important Articles from Indian Express : 3/10/2023

Front Page

  • Bihar puts numbers to its castes : EBCs at 36%, push OBC count to 63%

Govt & Politics

  • Pending in SC : Question on survey or census, issues relating to privacy
  • Bihar data can reopen debate on SC’s 50% quota ceiling in 1992


  • Canada’s hollow moralpolitik
  • Justice counts
  • Bad air plan

Ideas Page

  • A plan for the winter crop
  • The investment reality check

Govt & Politics

  • Mahatma;s message a beacon of hope : CJI
  • 900 gifts, mementos presented to PM Modi put up for e-auction
  • WHO approves R21 malaria vaccine for use
  • Jharkhand to ISRO : For 25 schoolgirls , a trip to remember


  • China’s lunar mission to carry payload from Pak


  • State govt employees regularised mid career blame NPS for lower pay


  • They helped to protect the world from the coronavirus
  • 4 takeaways from Bihar Survey

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