Important Articles from Indian Express : 28/4/2022

Front Page

  • PM Flags high fuel prices in Opp ruled states
  • Heat wave, low coal stocks, delayed payments leading to power outages

Govt & Politics

  • Covid 19 challenge not over need to stay alert
  • India should shun approach to please world : Jaishankar
  • Quad, France military leaders discuss Ukraine, Indo-Pacific


  • The inflation hydra
  • Why Atmanirbhar internet
  • Unemployed Indians

Ideas Page

  • A time to revisit from the school

Express Network

  • Kerala wants to study Gujarat dashboard, invites criticism


  • State of un employment in India
  • The absence of rain: Reason it is so hot almost everywhere in India


  • Russia suspends natural gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria


  • Power Min to states : Step up coal imports for 3 years
  • India, China, Russia four others on US IP Priority watch list
  • FM : Sanctions can have collateral impact on many other nations
  • Draft rules by 90% states on 4 labour codes : Yadav

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