Important Articles from Indian Express : 28/3/2022

Front Page

  • States too can define minority status : Centre
  • Russia’s Lavrov may visit India this week
  • Jaishankar in Maldives takes stock of projects, signs key pacts

Govt & Politics

  • PM : Demand fr made in India goods growing globally


  • Chinese checkers
  • Testing the waters
  • Growth tonic

Ideas Page

  • From missiles to meals
  • The long endgame in Vienna


  • Cash with public at new high this fiscal even as digital payment rise by a third
  • India – UAE trade deal : Likely in force from May focus on boosting SME jobs
  • Equipment orders to kick off 700MWe nuke projects in fleet mode from 2023


  • China will oppose any attempt to interfere in Nepal’s affairs
  • Ahead of Israel summit, US seeks to reassure allies on Iran
  • Eye on China investment, Taliban now preserve Buddhas


  • MP’s quota in KVs and why an attempt to scrap it
  • What is behind the new anti – India campaign at Maldives

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