Important Articles from Indian Express : 28/10/2023

Front Page

  • Delhi explores legal and diplomatic options after Qatar death sentence

Govt & Politics

  • Panel likely to seek redraft of provisions on organised crime


  • Diplomacy to the rescue
  • Delhi to Doha
  • EC does right
  • Remedy worse than malaise

Ideas Page

  • Afghanistan, on its own

Express Network

  • Punjab farm fires down by half than last yr
  • Rice production t dip 3.7% due to uneven monsoon
  • PM ebus Sewa : Tenders for 3000 electric buses for small cities soon


  • PM calls for greater self-reliance in cybersecurity hardware, software
  • Jio demonstrates nation’s 1st satellite based giga fiber service


  • India, Qatar, natural gas
  • US ally sympathiser of Hamas : Qatar’s unique position in middle east


  • Israeli army says ground forces expanding activity inside Gaza
  • Started talks with India on troop removal : Maldives President elect

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