Important Articles from Indian Express : 27/5/2024


  • The ICC’s challenge
  • Criminal Abdication
  • On the food front

Ideas Page

  • A to-do list for inflation
  • An exercies in strategy

Express Network

  • LVM3 commercialization is a big step forward at right time for India
  • Cyclone Remal hits coast : Air train ops suspended, heavy rain in South Bengal


  • With high withdrawals, patent process still under stress; approvals up, says govt
  • India in trade deficit with nine of top 10 trading partners
  • Q4 GDP likely around 6.1-6.7% : Economists


  • Hamas rocket attacks sets off air raid sirens in Tek Aviv for 1st time in months


  • Watermelon at Cannes : How the fruit became a Palestinian symbol
  • Overlapping territorial claims, Cold war : what led to the Antarctic Treaty

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