Important Articles from Indian Express : 27/2/2024

Front Page

  • Govt depts red flag high duties to curb China imports, seek nuance in strategy

Express Network

  • SC to centre : Ensure women get permanent commission in coast guard or we will
  • EU – India FTA talks are sending a signal to world in support of rules based trade system
  • Humanitarian aid and convoy protection in focus at meet
  • Indian on Moon by 2040? ISRO chief spells out hopes, challenges


  • Fast food education
  • More in store
  • A tragic anniversary
  • Unlocking closed doors

Ideas Page

  • It starts with the district
  • Instead of electoral bonds
  • Single window challenges


  • Sweden clears final hurdle to join NATO as Hungary approves bid
  • Palestinian PM resigns to usher in US – backed reforms in post war Gaza
  • Maldives opp party leader says can’t muddy ties with India
  • To fight climate change, Germany plans to store CO2 underground offshore


  • Three of 14 sanctioned tankers slated to deliver Russian crude oil to India
  • MoSPI household expenditure survey came amid internal wrangling over future round
  • Fraudulent trading via FPIs : What is it & Why has sebi warned against it?

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