Important Articles from Indian Express : 26/7/2023

Front Page

  • LAC action eroded trust, public and political basis of our ties : Doval to Wang

Govt & Politics

  • A year in office : President who makes spcial bid to reach out
  • Chandrayaan – 3 reaches highest intended orbit around earth. final descent in a month

In Parliament

  • Bill to bring various names of 12 tribal groups in ST list gets RS clearance
  • LC passes new bill to decriminalise biodiversity offences

Express Network

  • 15 IIT- B students opted for early exit last yr


  • Structures of impunity
  • Road t0 2047
  • Overstep, overreach

Ideas Page

  • Gulf route to Pakistan
  • A woman’s eye view

Express Network

  • Voter has the right to know candidate background


  • DNA technology bill : Feature debate why it was withdrawn
  • Safety limits to flying


  • IMF raises India growth forecast for FY 24 to 6.1%
  • Instant selling of transactions : How will investors benefit


  • Citing its export blocks, Russia rebufffs UN chief’s call to return to grain deal

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