Important Articles from Indian Express : 26/2/2024

Front Page

  • Indians spending more on milk, fruits and veg than foodgrains

Govt & Politics

  • Modi hints at model code from March

Express Network

  • Shah : PM ended politics of casteism , corruption, appeasement and dynasty
  • 23 year old Indian killed in Russia war zone : In last call he said he was fine, did not reveal work


  • Ways of spending
  • An open book

Ideas Page

  • North and South, twain must meet
  • No family business


  • Why has Assam decided to repeal its Muslim marriage act?
  • Consumption survey : 5 questions

Express Network

  • Months after Pannun case, US team to visit India for security talks


  • WTO meet : India to push for permanent solution to public stock holding of grains
  • RBI asks NPCI to consider Paytm’s request for TPAP : What is it and how will it benefit customers ?


  • Progress in talks for short truce in Gaza, hostage swap : Israeli media

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