Important Articles from Indian Express : 25/9/2023

Front Page

  • US agencies gave intel to Canaa on killing of separatist : NYT Report
  • US looks to dial down tension, Jaishankar takes swipe at Trudeau

Govt & Politics

  • New Economic corridor will drive the world trade
  • New Vande Bharat trains match aspirations of a new India : Modi

Express Network

  • India, UN launch global capacity building initiative


  • Then inclusion test
  • Opening a door
  • Climate abdication
  • Not just oil

Ideas Page

  • Gap between law and justice


  • New easternroute to handle cargo shipments between India, Russia
  • Govt’s surety bonds market fails to kick off owing to technical financial constraints
  • Centre to tweak policies to attract global patient funds for infra projects
  • 32 firms out of 40 to be selected for IT hardware PLI 2.0


  • Biden to host leaders of Pacific islands to counter China influence
  • Manila accuses Beijing of placing floating barrier in South China sea
  • Nagorno – Karakabh’s 120000 Armenians to leave : Authorities
  • NASA’s first asteroid samples from deep sea land on earth


  • NEET eligibility percentile now zero : Why and the likely impact
  • Five eyes alliance
  • Three Hoysala temples on UNESCO heritage list : What sets them apart

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