Important Articles from Indian Express : 25/5/2023

Front Page

  • Inflation has moderated but there’s no room for complacency : RBI chief
  • Modi raises temple attacks in tals with Albanese says ties in T-20 mode


  • She the civil servant
  • Can Pak spring be far behind
  • 34% milestone

Ideas Page

  • How to meet a disaster
  • Incomplete conclusions

Govt & Politics

  • Assam Meghalaya resume border talks

Express Network

  • Global agency defers accreditation to NHRC
  • Among ideas for UCC expert panel : register live in relations, equal rights for women
  • NHAI gets nod to build e-way stretch through forest area
  • G-20 meet ends Kashmiris hoope for tourism revival


  • Chola sengol tradition, seen with Nehru now in new Parliament
  • Legal questions in narco tests
  • Doing business rank and the state of an economy : a curious relationship


  • Monitoring the situation regularly, entire process to be non disruptive
  • Energy affordability not just availability,, critical for a large country like India : HArdeep puri
  • India’s benchmark bond yield falls below 7%

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