Important Articles from Indian Express : 25/5/2022

Front Page

  • Quad signs off on Indo-Pacific split on Russia, Unity on China
  • Biden to Modi : Thank you for your commitment to make democracies deliver
  • Curbs on sugar export; duty free import of sunflower, soyabean oil
  • Qutub Minar plea : ASI says worship can’t be allowed court verdict June 9

Govt & Politics

  • Quad condemns terror to work on space apps
  • India, Japan agree to enhance bilateral security, defence c-op
  • Key takeaways from Quad


  • The new Indo – Pacific bloc
  • Treating monkeypox with antivirals : Findings


  • Adding up to Quad plus
  • Closer together

Ideas Page

  • Export ban, dismal message
  • A science more local


  • Russian and chinese aircraft roar over Japan as Biden leaves Quad


  • Infra a focus area of govt : growth story to be intact

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