Important Articles from Indian Express: 25/4/2020

Front Page

  • Centre issues advisory easing curbs on select shops sending four teams to new hotspots
  • UP MP plan return of migrants stuck in other states : Will send buses, quarantine
  • PM repeats self reliance message; now to villages dont look outside country


  • In Mumbai 6.4 days from start of symptoms to death: report


  • The tacitus trap
  • The other virus

Ideas Page

  • Lockdown with a human face
  • The public policy dilemma
  • A nify – post COVID justice


  • UP plans return of migrants, centre silent
  • Outbreak in 7 states growing faster than national rate : IIT model
  • Kerala HC issues direction for confidentiality in health data


  • To print more money or not to
  • Uddhav’s nomination to council : Issues in constituion, role of governor


  • US congress clears $482bn more in relief aid


  • Govt finances to be under strain, states can use FRBM escape clause

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