Important Articles from Indian Express : 24/8/2023

Front Page

  • Chandrayaan – 3 first to land near Moon’s south pole; all eyes on rover, ISRO says craft healthy
  • India’s successful mission not India’s alone, belongs to all of humanity : PM
  • Testament to team ISRO : Guiding solitary journey through vastness of space
  • Next mission to moon is with Japanese more of Chandrayaan
  • After the celebration : How moonshot clears the way for the big and the bold

India 0n the moon

  • Momentous once in a lifetime

India on the moon

  • Success will inspire private space industry to push on innovation
  • Stamp of labs founded by Sarabhai in lander eyes, rover’s curiosity
  • Why are nation’s racing to Moon’s heavily cratered south pole?

Express Network

  • 2 Indian languages for classes 9-10, 1 for classes 11-12 : NCF
  • PM : India backs BRICS expansion
  • Article 370 was never intended to be permanent : SC
  • Legendary statistical scientist CR Rao dies
  • Indigenous ASTRA missile tested from Tejas


  • To the moon and forward
  • Asking for moon and getting it
  • A worker by another name

Ideas Page

  • Chanda mama to chandrayaan
  • A time for Africa
  • In a higher orbit


  • ISRO arc to future : Aryabhatta to chandrayaan 3 and beyond
  • After landing the experiments : lunar quakes and water ice on moon
  • Kalam and impact probe : When India first touched the moon


  • Wagner boss Prigozhin who led failed revolt faeared dead in Russia jet crash


  • G20 Jaipur meet : India to seek revival of WTO dispute resolution mechanism
  • High inflation still a challenge : Das
  • Social welfare spending of 11 states to hit 10 yr high at 4 lakh cr

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