Important Articles from Indian Express: 24/3/2020

Front Page

  • Lockdown spread state by state
  • Unorganised worker hit hard need direct payments, India Inc tells PM
  • Migrant workers rush chokes transit points in the east : Where do we go what we do now
  • Chouhan back in MP takes charge as CM


  • Lockdown lax, Kejriwal says unacceptable
  • States shut doors to break chain
  • Unorganised workers ask who will compensate for loss of income?
  • Still local spread
  • Labs set to begin the work on cracking the virus code
  • BMC to begin home testing facility

Govt & Politics

  • Parliament adjourned sine die due to corona virus
  • Parliament passes amendment to finance act
  • Counter spread of superstition with scientific report : PM tells Media


  • Anatomy of a response
  • Like a meteor
  • The reality check
  • Bringing down walls


  • How policy can bridge the gap
  • China and WHO, a new story
  • The fault in our design


  • Tests needed but each country has priorities
  • Hydroxychloriquine is recommended for very specific cases
  • Can throat nose swab test rule out virus


  • Pandemic accelerating, warns WHO


  • Rupee plummets 100p to all-time low of 76,20
  • Labour minister urges employers to not cut jobs, pay
  • MCA : Expenditure on dealing with virus to count as CSR

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