Important Articles from Indian Express : 24/2/2023

We have restarted CA MCQs. We strongly suggest you to attempt the Current Affairs MCQs as it will help you to revise Current Affairs better. It covers CA from Hindu, Indian Express and PIB.

Front Page

  • Punjab govt gives in to radical leader, his aide being freed after clash
  • Biden picks Ajay Banga for President of world ban

Express Network

  • Delhi, Berlin to focus on economic ties, green technology, Indo-Pacific strategy
  • Purohit refuses to summon budget session : Decision after legal advice
  • As heat in Feb rises, dropping mango bite growers pockets


  • The putin pursuit
  • Convergency on Kyiv
  • One year later’Limits to policy

Ideas Page

  • What;s feeding inflation
  • The fall of vikasvaad


  • One year of the war in Ukraine
  • A changed Europe and India’s tightrope walk
  • How New Delhi’ stand evolved and why


  • Putin talks up nuclear arsenal
  • For the first time Iran admits claim of enriching its uranium to 84%
  • Finland Sweden to send leopard tank as aid


  • US treasury Secy says will give $10bn more to Ukkraine, issues warning to China
  • Can deepen ties with India in green energy : Spain V-P
  • PM seeks green energy investment : Potential no less than gold mine
  • Budget measures to help economy grow 7% : Finance ministry
  • Oil demand by India likely to touch new record next fiscal

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