Important Articles from Indian Express : 24/12/2021

Front Page

  • Delhi sought Shringla meeting with Suu Kyi, Junta gave cold shoulder (GS-2)
  • Amid Omicron uptick, PM calls for caution and stricter vigil (GS-2)

Govt & Politics

  • Amid protests by Cong, Karnataka Assembly passes anti conversion bill v


  • 2022 : Reap what you sow (GS-3)
  • Immunity top up (GS-2)

Ideas Page

  • The road to Naypyidaw (GS-2)


  • Clean slate ? Last monument for Tiananmen massacre removed at Hong Kong university (GS-2)


  • Industry not ready, deadline for tokenisation extended (Prelims)
  • Goyal, Tehran agree to expedite FTA talks (GS-2)

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