Important Articles from Indian Express : 24/1/2022

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  • Income of poorest fifth plunged in 53% in 5 years those at top surged
  • German navy chief quits over remarks on Ukraine

Express Network

  • Gujarat institute, Sikkim official among disaster management awardees


  • The India shadow
  • Fiscal Arithmetic
  • Side by side


  • Crisis of fraternity
  • Unease of doing business

Express Network

  • Relationship with India is our most important relationship, period


  • Reining in the subsidy bill
  • The appeal of hymn Abide with me in India


  • 3 day talk with Taliban begin in Norway


  • Expenditure push for states to be theme
  • Buoyant exports but unfavourable trade balance : Why is there a dischotomy
  • Economy has some bright spots , number of dark stains : Rajan

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