Important Articles from Indian Express: 23/9/2019

Front Page

  • Modi trumps houston (GS-2)
  • Low rate for new units is a big reform says finance minister (GS-3)
  • Quad to meet : Foreign ministers of India, US, Japan and Australia (GS-2)
  • Move on A 370 has troubled people who support terrorism (GS-2)


  • Delhi’s pollution fight to get Denmark stage (GS-3)

Govt & Politics

  • Will build new Kashmir that will be for everyone says PM (GS-2)
  • Modi’s first stop in Houston : Meet with energy CEO’s (GS-2)
  • Don’t repeat mistake of 65 and 71 Rajnath warns Pakistan (GS-2)

Express Network

  • Uttarakhand : Spike in Dengue cases officials cite Climate (GS-2)


  • Why Final NRC is not final (GS-2)
  • Is Indian Ocean helping Atlantic currents? (GS-1)
  • Frequencies at which sounds are disturbing and how brain react
  • Sagittarius A (GS-3)
  • Amazon fires why issues around orest are complex , what Brazil is doing (GS-3)


  • An inseparable destiny
  • Missing the count
  • Let prices rise
  • Philosopher of the future


  • A lifeline for India


  • From worst to best how a village improved its sex ratio (GS-2)
  • An app to map Ganga water, aquatic life (GS-3)
  • Lessons from MP : How to prosecute criminals and get conviction (GS-2)


  • Tehran to present Gulf Security Plan at UN Pompeo says US aims to avoid war
  • What to expect at UNGA -600 meeting
  • Dressed in black swiss to hold a high altitude funeral march for glacier


  • National centre for IT e -assesment to be based in Delhi (GS-2)
  • Slowdown is a temporary event, govt measures will help in reviving growth (GS-3)
  • Challenge is to see water level doesnot go down so that pumping it out becomes very expensive (Some parts of the interview)

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