Important Articles from Indian Express: 22/4/2020

Front Page

  • Economy headed for contraction, less fiscal space for big stimulus
  • Central team say Bengal not helping; Maharashtra wants special trains for migrants
  • Putting all immigration on hold
  • After complaints, ICMR tells states not to use rapid test for two days


  • Many lack ration cards, food security net to cover 1 cr people
  • Our orders are binding, Supreme Court said so
  • CSIR scientists name new test after fictional sleuth my cost Rs 500

Express Network

  • Consider pandemic extinguished only when it subsides worldwide
  • India moves to procure more test kits from Korea


  • Nation after lockdown
  • Learning from Lenin
  • Crude shock

Ideas Page

  • India can come out ahead
  • A new India a new world
  • An agenda for a fightback


  • Why oil prices fell below zero
  • Why Kerala govt has been taken to court over deal with a US tech company


  • Trump says will suspend immigration to US
  • Coronavirus very likely of animal origin
  • Pak removes 1800 names from terrorist watchlist


  • US oil hits freak negative but Indian fuel prices may not fall
  • OMCs use crude price drops to make up for fall in demand
  • 87% feel household earning will reduce in next 12 months

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