Important Articles from Indian Express : 21/12/2021

Front Page

  • 6 more seats for Jammu, 1 extra for Kashmir : Delimitation draft
  • Bills on life term for sacrilege pending need President assent : Punjab to centre
  • Linking electoral roll to Aadhaar : Opp objects, Govt pushes bill through

In Parliament

  • Report on efficacy of our vaccines against omicron soon : Govt
  • Amid Ruckus RS passes NDPS ( Amendment bill)
  • Biological diversity bill referred to Joint committee of Parliament

Govt & Politics

  • Central Asian leaders call on PM; Cooperation connectivity on table
  • Anti conversion bill gets cabinet nod in Karnataka
  • Nagaland house adopts resolution on AFSPA repeal


  • Praising a political foe
  • A fairer test
  • A common ground

Ideas Page

  • Three decades after a break-up
  • A legal fix hard to implement
  • A bigger step forward


  • Revisiting definition of EWS
  • Multistate cooperative : How they function why govt plan to amend law


  • Fuel taxes : Centre rakes in 3.72lakh cr low basic excise duty
  • Derivative trade in agri comodities banned

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