Important Articles from Indian Express: 20/10/2019

Front Page

  • If the river is not safe for BSF, it is not safe for fishermen
  • J&K shutdown internet ban take toll
  • New technology at brick kilns helps Punjab fight against pollution : 70% cut in emission

Govt & Politics

  • Govt set to bring in stipend to skill up MGNREGA workers

Express Network

  • Bangla minister : Fisherman to be set free, will talk to shah if needed
  • Draft settlement ready for final Naga agreement : Centre chief interlocutor


  • Being the Mahatma’s Dandi at 15 years
  • Indira, Kashmir and the foreign sting


  • UK PM defiant after lawmakers cote to force delay in Brexit plan


  • G20 agrees to tighten norms for stablecoins
  • Fund sidesteps clash with US over funding : Ends deadlock
  • Corporate tax cut will help revive investment says IMF
  • Trade war will impact flow of capital goods

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